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After your initial enquiry we will get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and any ideas you may have. This includes basic design concepts, physical limitations and any artistic style or specific colours to be used. From this we will then come up with a draft design we can e-mail to you.

We use a specialised computer aided design package to create the plans for the stained glass piece and this can create a coloured ‘jpg’ file that you can view on your PC. We will then make any changes you require to the design and send you an updated file for your approval. If you have specialist glass requirements we can settle them at this stage.
Our experience is that this process usually takes a few iterations to get the design exactly as you wish. During this process we will also agree delivery with you (a stained glass window is heavy) and discuss details of fitting it and so forth.

Once the design and everything is agreed we will send you a final version of the file and seek an authorisation e-mail from you. Depending on the scale / cost of the piece we may seek a

Initial Concept

This stained glass design was created after an initial design discussion with a customer who lived on the Isle of Wight.


Final installed window.

After a number of iterations starting from above we settled on a design and the picture (right) shows it in place.
It comprises 3 leaded window panels that are approximately 18”x36” and is used in an internal partition to a home office.

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The same process can applied to internal or external doors and cupboard doors to create  customised and bespoke stained glass pieces and leaded glass panels and doors. We can also do repairs to older or damaged pieces.

Design Process