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Most of our work is bespoke and commissioned; therefore our product range is only limited by our customers’ imagination. We have designs for panels, stained glass and leaded windows, mirrors, picture frames, fire screens, boxes, light shades and sconces, candleholders, clocks,  vases, Christmas and other seasonal decorations, cabinet inserts, terrariums and garden art.

Each piece created, whether it is a window panel or sun catcher, is unique. The pieces that make them up are cut, shaped and fastened in place, by hand. Window and panel designs are individual and can be crafted to your specifications and design or can be designed in conjunction with Horus Glass as part of our service to create your special item.

We can even create larger ‘unique’ items such as a terrarium coffee tables. Large ‘indoor’ green houses that utilise safety glass and double as coffee tables or lamp stands.

General designs for sun catchers, planters, terrariums and so forth are inspired from a variety of sources. However these too can be customised in conjunction with your own requirements or colour preferences. We also continually review and change the glass we use, the designs, and the colour selections, and this makes even our ‘standard pieces’ unique.

We even undertake repairs to old panels and windows.

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