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All designs, commissions or items remain the property of Horus Glass until final payment is received, whereupon title shall transfer to the customer.

Horus Glass retains the copyright of any design, commission or item of work produced by Horus Glass

Terms and Conditions

All designs, commissions or items either printed or via electronic reproduction are considered to be for illustrative purposes only. Final location of joints in the construction may vary from the reproduced design or commission. Any colours used in illustrating any design, commission or item, either printed or via electronic reproduction, prior to manufacture must be regarded as approximate.

Horus Glass will make reasonable efforts to produce any design, commission or item to accurate, agreed dimensions. However due to the handcrafted nature of the work overall dimensions are not guaranteed. Usual work tolerances are +/- 5mm or ¼ inch. Exceptions to these tolerances must be agreed prior to the commencement of construction.

Quotes for a design or construction of a new item will be based on an agreed design or commission and are binding on both parties.

No construction on a design or commission for a customer will commence without a signed customer commitment.  

Unless otherwise agreed, before commencement of any construction from an agreed design or commission a non-refundable deposit of 25% shall be payable.

Final payment will be due on delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed construction of any design, commission or item will take 30 days from payment of any deposit to complete.

Construction of any design, commission or item utilises glass with a minimum thickness of 3mm, and is NOT Safety Glass or Tempered Glass. If any item is stressed, mistreated or roughly handled it will break producing shards and pieces of glass that may cause injury.

Unless otherwise agreed or stated on a separate label, all items must be assumed to contain lead (usually in the form of ‘came’ or solder) and therefore cannot be safely used for food or drink.

No item should be assumed to be ‘dishwasher’ safe. Any cleaning should be by gentle washing in warm water with a proprietary washing up liquid (for example ‘Fairy’) or a domestic glass or window cleaner.

All quotes for repair are to be regarded as indicative and are not binding. However Horus Glass will notify the customer if the cost of the work will exceed the quote as soon as Horus Glass becomes aware of that fact.

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